Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To preserve our past while assuring an economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable future.


We plan, partner, and provide superior services and a safe environment in our thriving, authentic community.



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2021-22 Goals

Priority Goals

  • Fiscal Sustainability: focus on diversification of city revenues; regular monitoring of revenues and expenses; maintenance of quality of life including attainable housing; economic development including broadband infrastructure, business retention, expansion, and recruitment; dedicated funding mechanisms
  • Transportation and Mobility: adopt Transportation Master Plan and prioritize implementation funding, pursuit of partnerships, continue Innovative Task Force discussions, regional planning approach including exploration of RTA; continue recovery and resilience efforts; align efforts with Climate Action Plan
  • Environmental Sustainability: continue with solar grant projects, EV Readiness Plan, pursuit of DOLA grants, adopt the Climate Action Plan including prioritization and implementation
  • Housing: implement short term rental licensing program and modify short term rental policies; implement policies and legislation that support attainable housing, including review of “family” definition; identify opportunities and partnerships for city employee housing; review WSSAP with County Commissioners
  • Fire Station: select a downtown site; develop financing options; research Mountain Station expansion

Ongoing City Council Efforts (non-prioritized)

  • DEI - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • City Charter Review
  • Base Area Plan
  • Long Term Water Planning