Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To preserve our past while assuring an economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable future.


We plan, partner, and provide superior services and a safe environment in our thriving, authentic community.



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2022-23 Goals (Draft)

Priority Goal

  • Affordable and Attainable Housing 
    1. Brown Ranch
    2. Policies and Legislation
    3. City employee housing projects/partnerships
  • Short Term Rental (STR)
    1. Policies Adopted
    2. Fee Structure
    3. Excise Tax
    4. Vacancy Tax
  • Transportation/Mobility
    1. Regional Transit Authority
    2. Implement Transportation Master Plan
    3. Funding sources for future west development
    4. Core Trail
    5. Paid Parking
  • Water: Long & Short-Term Planning
    1. Elk River Water Treatment Plant
    2. Water Agreements Review
    3. Wastewater Treatment Planning and Expansion
    4. Conservation Efforts

Ongoing City Council Efforts (non-prioritized)

  • DEI
  • Regular Joint Meetings with Routt County Commissioners(6 meetings)
    1. Core Trail
    2. Childcare; after school programs
    3. Short Term Rentals
    4. Community Resiliency; mental health, food insecurity, substance use disorder  
  • Base Area Plan
  • Fiscal Sustainability
    1. Lift Tax
    2. Paid Parking
    3. Business Licensing
    4. Sin Tax
    5. Repurposing 2A Funds
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Environmental Sustainability
    1. Climate Action Plan
    2. Climate Action Collaborative
    3. Solar Projects
    4. EV Readiness
    5. Proactive organization actions