Special Events in Steamboat Springs

Winter Carnival Street Events
  1. Rachel Lundy

    Executive Assistant/Special Events Coordinator
    Phone: 970-871-8225

Welcome to Steamboat Springs and thank you for considering hosting a special event in the Yampa Valley. Steamboat Springs has been home to international, national, regional, and grass-root events, many of which have firmly established themselves in the history and heritage of the community.  Whether you're putting on your inaugural event or have been a fixture for more than 100 years, this section will help guide you through the permitting process and set up your event for success.

If this is a NEW event, please submit a brief proposal and include a description of the event, the proposed location, and city services may that may be requested.  City staff will review to determine if your event should go through the special event permit process.

If this is an EXISTING event, you may submit a venue reservation up to two years in advance and submit the application packet up to one year in advance.


In response to the Covid-19 public health pandemic, the City of Steamboat Springs will require all events to submit a Covid-19 mitigation plan as part of their application packet.  

  • It is the event producer’s responsibility to comply with any federal, State or Routt County public health orders, guidelines, and/or mitigation protocols at the time of the event.  The City is not responsible for informing event producers of public health orders in effect or interpreting public health orders.
  • Routt County requires events to submit a self certification form.  This information and form can be found on Routt County’s website.
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has released guidance on outdoor events, outdoor recreation, and sporting events/races. This guidance and state public health orders can be found on the CDPHE website.  
  • The City will continue to monitor CDC, State, and Routt County guidance.  


The fee schedule below is valid through December 31, 2021.  All fees may not be listed and may change without notice.

FEES valid through 12/31/21
Application $150
Parks $37/hour or $296/day
Streets $37/hour or $296/day
Trails $2.75/youth and $3.50/adult
Parks Field Use  $13/hour or $78/day-youth; $15/hour or $90/day-adult
Community Service Officer (CSO) $34/hour
Late Fee $500 (<45 days)


Application Packet

  • A complete application packet must be submitted no later than 45 days before your event.  Please see the application checklist to make sure all required items have been included.
  • If an application packet is submitted less than 45 days before the event, a late fee of $500 will be assessed in addition to the standard application fee
  • City staff will process the permit in 30 days or less after the complete application packet is received. 

Venue Reservation

  • NEW event- minimum 45 days in advance; maximum 365 days in advance
  • EXISTING event- minimum 45 days in advance; maximum 2 years in advance
  • Venue reservations can be made by emailing the Special Events Coordinator
  • Reservation of a venue does not guarantee approval of an event
  • A list of city venues can be found here


Depending on the nature of your event, additional forms may be required including but not limited to: close a city right of way, request emergency services, or allow alcohol at your event.  The application checklist, application, event safety plan, rules and regulations, and other forms can be found here.


City Council has approved policies that determine the venues available for reservation including streets, parks, and trails.  

  • A list of city venues can be found here
  • Policies regarding venues can be found here
  • Please contact the Special Event Coordinator for venue availability
  • Per City Council direction, Winter Carnival Weekend, the 4th of July, the 4th of July weekend, and the 2nd weekend in July are time periods that are at capacity and non traditional events will not be permitted during these time periods.


In 2019, City Council adopted the Special Events Medical Plan Matrix.  The chart below outlines the event sizes and the suggested or requirement medical providers and assets.

Special Event Medical Matrix Steamboat Springs


Event producers are required to attend pre-event meetings and after-action review of their events.  Below is the schedule for 2021: dates are tentative and subject to change.  Currently, all meetings are virtual.  These meetings provide event producers with the opportunity to have an open dialogue with city staff and discuss concerns, ideas, things that worked well, and things that can be improved.

2021 Schedule
January 13- 1PM
February 10- 1PM
March 10- 1PM
April 14- 1PM
May 12- 1PM
June 9- 1PM
July 14- 1PM
August 11- 1PM
September 8- 1PM
October 13- 1PM
November 10- 1PM
December 8- 1PM


Facility Rentals are managed outside the special events permit. If you are interested in renting a park pavilion or a city facility for a private function, please use the Facilities & Use Rentals section.