Sustainability Incentives

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The city has budgeted $30,000 for Sustainability Incentives. During the event application process, the event producer can indicate the level(s) they intend to apply for reimbursement. Detailed receipts must be submitted post event for reimbursement. The form to submit reimbursement requests can be found here.

  • Level 1: Sustainability Preplanning
    • $60/event
    • Utilize technical assistance for pre-event planning
  • Level 2: No single use plastic water or drinks given out
    • $150/event
    • Can contract for or provide water monster or other reusable water/beverage options
  • Level 3: Event uses only compostable/recyclable materials
    • $250/event
    • Only events that involve permitted food vendors are eligible. Pre-planning is required.
  • Level 4: Zero Waste. Staff/manned trash, recycle, compost stations as needed for event size.
    • 75% of the cost up to $5,000
    • Contract for recycling and compost pick up
    • Own or rent zero waste equipment
    • Staff/man the zero waste stations
    • Provide documentation that stations were manned and receipts for zero waste stations (composting and recycling)