Records and Requests for Information

Official City Council Records

In compliance with local and state statute, the City Clerk accurately records and maintains the official record of all City Council meetings, and work sessions in a retrievable format. Minutes are compiled and made available to the public and staff.

Ordinances and Resolutions

In addition to the maintenance of official council documents, the City Clerk is responsible to draft ordinances and resolutions for submission to the council. Adopted ordinances and resolutions are maintained and made available to city staff and the public. Adopted ordinances that amend the Steamboat Springs Revised Municipal Code are provided to the codification company to update the Code in all appropriate formats. The Code is available in print and in a searchable format on the city's website. As with all public records, these documents are made available to the public through the Open Records Request Process. This request form is attached below. Additionally, all ordinances and resolutions can be reviewed in the lobby of City Hall.

C.R.S. 24-72-203 authorizes the City Clerk, as the custodian of the city's public records, to make rules with respect to the inspection of city records as are reasonably necessary for the protection of such records and to prevent unnecessary interference with the regular discharge of the custodian's duties. Pursuant to this authority the Steamboat Springs City Clerk charges a fee for the research and retrieval of public records at a rate of $30.00 per hour, with no charge for the first hour. A deposit may be required. See the attached City Manager Rule (PDF)

Records Management

The City Clerk is responsible for the development and implementation of a Records Management Program that will integrate procedures, retention schedules and best practices for the management of records in accordance with the requirements of State Statute and the City Charter.

A collection of original city documents is maintained and made available to city staff, City Council and the public. Original documents will soon be imaged and electronically stored on the computer mainframe for public dissemination and disaster preparedness. An immediate benefit of this program is improved access to city records. The long-term benefits include an inventory of archival documents for research purposes and minimized down time in the event of a disaster.

Please fill out the Records Request form (PDF) and email it to the city clerk or fax it to 970-871-1228