Patrol Services

The mission of the Patrol Services Division is to respond to calls for service promptly, apply community policing problem-solving techniques to keep the peace in our community, and to be proactive in identifying problem areas and working with the community to find solutions.

Purpose of Division
The purpose of the Patrol Services Division is to work with the community to reduce crime through current professional community policing techniques and to treat citizens and visitors courteously and with respect while enforcing municipal, state, and federal laws in a fair and impartial manner. The division will pursue and apprehend offenders and obtain legal evidence necessary to ensure the conviction of such offenders in criminal courts.

In March of 2012, Steamboat Springs Police Department, along with Routt County Sheriff's Office took digital steps towards efficiency in implementing mobile data terminals (MDTS) in all police vehicles. The goal is to improve officer safety, public safety, and crime solvability, prosecution, and deterrence. This project will combat crime through leveraging technology to provide local and regional and real time information sharing and to enable advanced data analysis, including crime mapping.

Officer Evan Noble

Police Officer in Patrol Car

Staff & Programs
The Patrol Division consists of 4 sergeants, 13 patrol officers, 1 school resource officer and 1 training coordinator. There are two programs involved with the Patrol Division, which are the Combined Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) and Motorcycle Patrol.

Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team combined its resources with the Routt County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Response Team in 2012 which is called Combined Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). The combined team has 14 members. The Steamboat Springs Emergency Response Team is overseen by Commander Jerry Stabile. The average team member has over 8.5 years of law enforcement experience. The E.R.T. trains eight hours per month in all areas of special weapons and tactics. It is the mission of the team to protect the lives in our community while utilizing superior police tactical skills, special weapons, and equipment. The backbone of the E.R.T. is teamwork and a dedication to all police duties.

Motorcycle Patrol
Our Motorcycle Patrol program began in 1994. It is a seasonal program dictated by weather conditions and staffing requirements. The program provides for general traffic patrol and enforcement, traffic control, accident investigations, greater public contact, and enhanced community policing. The motorcycle used is a 2014 BMW and is designed to allow for extra storage space for first aid equipment, the officer’s paperwork, and necessary emergency equipment. The motorcycle is equipped with heavy-duty brakes, police radio, siren, and emergency lighting.

Police Officer on Motorcycle

Ride Along Program
Steamboat Springs Police offers a ride along program in which citizens may ride with a uniformed police officer during regular duty shift. This program is a great way for City of Steamboat Springs citizens to witness firsthand how their law enforcement officials help to keep the community safe. Those interested in the program must fill out an application available at the department office.