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Safer Internet Day - February 6, 2024

Safer_Internet_Day_Logo-2024 SMART Parenting Tips for Online Safety

  • Set-Up: Devices/Accounts/Passwords
  • Monitor: Online Use/Connections
  • Approve: Apps/Games
  • Restrict: Content/Permissions
  • Talk: Start the Conversation/Teach
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Apps Parents Should Know

Apps change daily, and the below list is not exhaustive nor permanent. SSPD encourages ongoing conversations with your children about social media, guidelines and the associated dangers and risks.

Topics that could be discussed include:

  • Safety (if you don't know someone: establishing boundaries, don't share personal information, don't ever pay money), 
  • Dangers and risks with sending nude photographs (whether you know the person or not: permanency-even on sites that say they delete it, emotional harm, revenge porn, sextortion, and legal risks), 
  • Discuss who are adults your children trusts they can talk to about online relationships and interactions, 
  • Make a plan for if something goes wrong (how do they come and talk to you and what do you do). 
  • Be aware that scammers and those who bully discuss wanting your child to "kill themselves" or "wish they were dead." 

These are difficult topics, but it is better to talk about it directly and before something happens. 

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Social Media Tips for Parents of Teens

  • Early on, be very hands on
  • Hold your firmest boundaries at night - no screens after 9pm or in bedrooms overnight
  • Help teens understand how social media affects their brains
  • Ask "Do you feel like you have control over social media, OR do you feel like it's controlling you?
  • Encourage teens to ask: “Do I feel bad about myself while looking at this?”
  • With older teens especially, lead conversations with curiosity, not judgment