The Investigations Division provides specialized technical services to the community, investigates and resolves complex complaints and crimes, provides resources not readily available to the Patrol Services Division, and is proactive through public education.

Goals & Objectives

  • To establish a proactive strategy to address drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in the Steamboat Springs High School
  • To improve the case management system to ensure better service
  • To provide a proactive program to address ski season related crimes which include education and enforcement
  • To further developing the Crime Stoppers Program to facilitate acquiring intelligence information
  • Develop a more effective resource sharing program among law enforcement agencies to improve training in the 14th Judicial District

The Investigations Division consists of two full-time detectives and one evidence specialist. There is also a part-time employee assigned to back-up the evidence technician.

This division is supervised by the Administrative Commander and investigates criminal complaints through:

  • expert knowledge in the areas of interview and interrogation techniques,
  • specialized techniques of evidence collection and preservation, 
  • preparation of arrest and search warrant affidavits, and 
  • completes legal research and case analysis in preparation for prosecution.

In addition, Investigations develops intelligence and statistical information on criminal activity to enable proactive intervention and empowers the community through educational services