Who owns and runs the airport?

The City of Steamboat Springs owns and operates the Steamboat Springs Airport, as well as the sole Fixed Based Operation. Airport staffing consists of two full-time employees and four part-time employees, who report to the Airport Manager. The Yampa Valley Airport Commission and the Steamboat Springs City Council provide policy direction.

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1. When did the Steamboat Springs Airport open?
2. How is the level of activity at the airport measured? How busy is the airport?
3. What are the airport's hours of operation?
4. What economic benefit does the Steamboat Springs Airport provide?
5. Do you have a commercial airline flight to...?
6. Why isn't there scheduled service at the Steamboat Springs Airport?
7. Can I fly out of the Steamboat Springs Airport if I don't own an airplane? It's so close to my house...
8. What ground transportation/rental car companies operate at Steamboat?
9. Is it snowing? What are the runway conditions?
10. Who owns and runs the airport?
11. Why do so many airplanes take off and land in the same direction?