Do I need a permit from Fire Prevention Services?

A permit from Fire Prevention Services is required if you are installing, adding to or modifying, a fire alarm system, sprinkler system, commercial kitchen hood system or for special activities such as recreational burning, tents and canopies, fireworks, blasting and open flame.  Recreational burning of any type within the city limits and in the Steamboat Springs Rural Fire Protection District (SSRFPD) requires a permit from Fire Prevention Services. This includes recreational fires conducted in store bought fire appliances. Gas and/or charcoal barbecue grills do not require permits. The permit process allows the Fire Inspector to visually inspect the apparatus to be used for burning as well as the surrounding area. The inspection is done for safety purposes. 

At this time in the city, permits are only being issued for recreational burning in approved fire pits. In the SSRFPD, recreational and open burning is allowed with appropriate permits. In addition, once a permit is issued it can be revoked if you are burning outside the scope of the permit and/or in an unsafe manner. A $25.00 permit fee applies and the permit is good for a six-month period from the date of issuance. Commercial Use Tents over 400 square feet within the city limits and in the SSRFPD require a permit and inspection from Fire Prevention Services. The permit fee varies based on the size of the tent or canopy. 

The 2015 International Fire Code Adoption provides additional information concerning permit fees. Fireworks (display and/or retail), Explosives and/or Blasting performed within city limits and in the SSRFPD require a permit.   Specific forms may be accessed and downloaded under the Downloadable Permits and Forms

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