Is the hotline available 24/7 for reporting complaints?

Yes, the Complaint Hotline operates 24/7 to address and resolve complaints related to short-term rentals located within the City of Steamboat Springs.

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1. I suspect an illegal short-term rental in my neighborhood. What should I do?
2. There's excessive noise from a neighboring short-term rental. How can I address this issue?
3. Trash from short-term rentals is becoming a problem in my area. What steps can be taken?
4. I've noticed parking violations related to short-term rentals. What can be done about this?
5. How long does it typically take to resolve a complaint about reported short-term rental issues?
6. Is my identity protected when reporting issues related to short-term rentals?
7. What information should I provide when reporting a complaint?
8. Can I follow up on the status of a complaint I've reported?
9. Are there penalties for property owners violating short-term rental regulations?
10. Is the hotline available 24/7 for reporting complaints?