What information should I provide when reporting a complaint?

Please provide specific details, such as the address of the short-term rental, nature of the issue, and any relevant observations. The more information you provide, the better enforcement staff can address and resolve the complaint. Evidence is needed in almost every case to pursue the complaint (i.e., photos, videos, recordings).

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1. I suspect an illegal short-term rental in my neighborhood. What should I do?
2. There's excessive noise from a neighboring short-term rental. How can I address this issue?
3. Trash from short-term rentals is becoming a problem in my area. What steps can be taken?
4. I've noticed parking violations related to short-term rentals. What can be done about this?
5. How long does it typically take to resolve a complaint about reported short-term rental issues?
6. Is my identity protected when reporting issues related to short-term rentals?
7. What information should I provide when reporting a complaint?
8. Can I follow up on the status of a complaint I've reported?
9. Are there penalties for property owners violating short-term rental regulations?
10. Is the hotline available 24/7 for reporting complaints?