What is an approved fire pit?


  1. Pit must be buried at least 8 inches deep in the ground. 
  2. Diameter of the pit shall be no more than 3 feet. 
  3. Must be constructed of brick, concrete or steel. Rock is accepted as long as there is not an air gap between the rocks. The gaps must be filled with concrete. 
  4. A lip of 6 inches must be above ground using any of the construction materials listed above. 


  1. Fire pits must be inspected by Fire Prevention Services after construction is complete and prior to burning. 
  2. Download a fire pit permit and see what the inspector will be looking for.


  1. Routt County Dispatch should be notified at 970-879-1110 before and after each burn. 

An alternative to building your own fire/barbecue pit is to purchase an approved fire ring or fire pit.

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