Parks, Open Space & Trails


Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Name Title Email Phone
Kaempfen, Timo Crew Leader (Parks)  
Renner, Erica Maintenance Worker (Parks & Ski)  
Rivera, Sebastian Maintenance Worker (Parks & Ski)  
Cowan, Caleb Maintenance Worker (Trials & Ski)  
Pryor, Andrew Open Space Technician  
White, Braden Crew Leader (Trails)  
Gomez, Jesse Equipment Operator 970-870-7029
Robinson, Craig Parks, Open Space and Trails Manager 970-871-7034
Carey, Jenny Open Space and Trails Supervisor 970-871-7014
Glassmeyer, Ben Crew Leader (Open Space, Trails & Ski )  
Bostock, Delbert Parks Mechanic 970-871-7016
Laverty, Lucas Maintenance Worker (Parks & Ski)