Application Review Timelines

Application Review Timelines

Development applications are assigned a project manager and distributed to the City’s Development Review Team (DRT) within two business days of a complete submittal to the Planning and Community Development Department.  Applications are assigned a three- or four-week review timeline based on the complexity of the project type, as listed in the table below. The policy of the DRT is to provide all applicants with review comments within 30 calendar days of application receipt, whenever possible. Concurrent applications will track with the application requiring the longest review timeline. The Planning Director may extend review timelines when application volume exceeds staff capacity.

Timeline for Review Comments to Applicants
Application Category
Application Types

Three Week Review

Uses and Permits

  • Conditional Use
  • Floodplain Development Permit
  • Sign Permit
  • Master Sign Permit


  • Major Adjustment
  • Minor Adjustment
  • Engineering Variance

Final Plats

  • Final Plat – Condominium/Townhome
  • Final Plat-Replat
  • Easement Vacation
  • Waiver of Replat

Community Development Code (CDC) and Community Plan Amendments

  • Zoning Map Amendment
  • TND Regulating Plan
  • Community Plan Amendment
  • CDC Text Amendment
  • Written Interpretation

Post-Approval Applications

  • Improvements Agreement
  • Substantial Conformance
  • Reconsider Conditions of Approval
  • Vesting Extension
  • Minor Modification

Four Week Review

Site Development and Variances

  • Annexation
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Conceptual Development Plan
  • Development Plan-Administrative
  • Development Plan– Public Hearing
  • Pre-Application Review
  • Minor Variance
  • Major Variance

Land Subdivision

  • Final Plat-Major Subdivision
  • Final Plat-Minor Subdivision
  • Extraterritorial Subdivision Plat

Post-Approval Applications

  • Appeal of Decision
  • Civil Plans