Development Review Team

Development Review Team Purpose

The purpose of the Development Review Team (DRT)[1] is to safeguard the quality of the community’s built and natural environments by coordinating review of development applications across departments and agencies for compliance with plans, codes, and standards. The team is responsible for providing timely and consistent feedback to applicants at all stages of the development process. The powers and duties of the DRT are described in the Community Development Code (CDC) Section 107.

Team Mission

To promote our community’s vision for quality development by working collaboratively and efficiently with our partners and customers to apply City codes and standards to development projects.

Development Review Team Policies and Procedures

The DRT has established policies and procedures to guide the development review process including:

  • Responsibilities and Functions
  •  DRT Organization
  • Expectations and Accountability
  • Development Review Timeline Policies
  • Application Resubmittal Policies
  • Internal Communication Procedures
  • External Communication Procedures

Find additional details and information in the DRT Policies and Procedures document.

[1] An initialism, not an acronym. Pronounced Dee • R • Tee