Summer Tubing


Welcome to the Yampa River & Summer Tubing!

The Yampa River is a magical river flowing through the heart of Steamboat Springs. Summer tubing is just one of the ways to enjoys this vital and free flowing waterway. 

Private tubing is recommended from Fetcher Park, off of Pine Grove Road, to the James Brown Bridge / Shield Drive. Commercial tubing is permitted from Fifth Street to the James Brown Bridge / Shield Drive when flows drop below 700 cfs.

Bottle GraphicNo Disposable Containers - cans, plastic bottles, glass, bags, or Styrofoam coolers. River users are encourages to bring a reusable container such as a Nalgene bottle, metal growler or similar beverage holder, which should be securely attached to their tube.

Know Before You Go

  • Wear appropriate gear (life vests, river shoes, etc)
  • No Flip Flops (they always come off)
  • Rig to Flip - make sure everything is securely attached to your tube.
  • Exercise Proper River Etiquette

Go with a Pro

Unsure of how to use the river? Seek out a licensed operator for tubing. They will take care of everything from start to finish and you'll only have to worry about what channel to travel.