Trail Etiquette

Stay on the Trail 

Use designated trails only, stay off “social trails.” Don’t make shortcuts or cut switchbacks.

Stay Off Muddy Trails

Riding and hiking on mud causes trail damage with hard to fix ruts. Give the trails time to dry out after heavy rain events. If you encounter any lingering puddles, go through them rather than around to prevent trail widening.

Share the Trail

Multi-use trails are for open for everyone. Mountain bikers yield to hikers and equestrians. Downhill traffic yields to uphill traffic. Commercial groups should be especially mindful of their potential impact to public users - be extra courteous. When stopped as a group, find a wide enough area to the side of the trail for everyone and don’t block the trail.

Pass with Courtesy and Care

Slow down when approaching other trail users and respectfully make others aware when you are approaching. Pass with care and be prepared to stop if necessary.

No Unauthorized Trail Work

If you see hazards out on the trail, please report it to the Parks and Recreation Department. No group should make any changes to the trail unless specifically volunteering under the direction of a City employee.

Report Trail Issues Here

Respect Wildlife

Never approach wildlife and give them plenty of space. If wildlife is encountered, groups should be prepared to change routes.  

Leave No Trace

Pack out what you pack in. Pick up after yourself and if you see trash left behind from others, stop to pick it up.

Be a Good Trail Steward!

Say hello and be kind and courteous to other trail users. Lead by example by demonstrating good trail etiquette and have fun!