Gavel 2

You may enter a plea of not guilty and ask for a trial even if you think you have committed the offense charged. At trial, the City Prosecutor will be required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You may represent yourself at trial or you may hire an attorney. If you represent yourself (pro se), the court cannot give you legal advice, however, the court will advise you of the process of a trial. If you fail to appear for a scheduled trial a conviction will enter against you. You will be responsible for costs and fines. Also, a failure to appear warrant may issue for your arrest.

Bench Trial or Trial to the Court
A trial held before a judge sitting without a jury

All traffic tickets are trials to the court and trials for ordinance violations may also be to the court without a jury.

Jury Trial
A trial held before a judge sitting with a jury

You have the right to a jury trial for some non-motor-vehicle cases if you request one in writing within 21 days of your entry of a not guilty plea. The written request must be accompanied with a jury fee of twenty-five dollars ($25). You will have a jury of three (3) unless you request six (6).

File Electronically

Attorneys may file by email to Entry of appearance in writing is required even when appearing in person.