STR Nonconforming Registration

Short-Term Rental Q&A Sessions

Have questions? Get answers about STR Overlay Zones, STR Licensing, and the Legal Nonconforming Registration process. Watch recordings of Q&A Sessions on the City's YouTube channel.

Who needs to register their property as a Legal Nonconforming STR?

Properties located within STR Overlay Zone B or Zone C that were lawfully used as an STR within the 12 months prior to June 15, 2022 need to apply for legal nonconforming registration to be eligible for an STR license. Registration requires documentation including proof of bookings/stays and evidence of sales tax collection and remittance.

Properties with valid VHR permits do not need to apply for legal nonconforming registration.

How do I register my property as a Legal Nonconforming STR?

You can apply for a legal nonconforming registration through the CityView Portal by clicking on "Apply for a Planning Application." 

Please submit only ONE application per property. Duplicate applications result in greater review times.

Once registered as a legal nonconforming short-term rental, you will need to apply for and obtain an STR license. If you maintain an annual STR license and do not abandon the short-term rental use for a period of 12 months, your legal nonconforming registration will continue to be valid and will transfer with the sale of your property.