Fly In & Appreciation Day

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Boarding Soon!

And the Steamboat Springs Airport is ready to welcome pilots from around the country and the community on this special day! 

Join us for all things aviation and celebrate the airport during the 3rd Annual Fly In & Airport Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 17, 2023 from 7 am to 3 pm.

Enjoy special activities, displays, and a home cooked breakfast and lunch. There will be ice cream too!  Get up close to all types of airplanes. Join us for a Family Fun Run on the Runway from 11:00 - 11:30, Simulator Demo at 12:00, and a Pilot Wings Seminar at 1:00 pm. 

  • Lions Club Breakfast (proceeds benefit the community)
  • Flights & Displays
  • Jet A (w/PRIST) and 100LL Fuel Special
  • Civil Air Patrol Lunch & Ice Cream (proceeds benefit cadet scholarships
  • Public Welcome
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Official Rules

  • The Fly-In will take place on September 17 from 7 am- 3pm.  
  • Fuel prices (Jet A w/ prist $5.00/gal and 100LL $5.00/gal) will be good on September 16 and 17 from 7 am until the FBO closes at 5pm, but fuel orders need to be placed by 3pm on Sunday.  Fuel orders must be made in person in the FBO, and hangar owners must be present to open and close hangars for fueling.  
  • FBO staff will not move any aircraft for fueling.  
  • Discounted fuel prices are for aircraft only.
  • The Pilot in Command is responsible for calculating their own fuel order based upon weight and balance and density altitude.
  • EPA rules and Stormwater regulations are enforced at SBS. Pilots are responsible for any fuel that drains out of their aircraft onto the ramp.
  • Straight in approaches are highly discouraged, full pattern is recommended.
  • Fly-in pilots will be marshalled by a FBO line person or representative in an orange vest for parking.
  • Fly-in pilots need to have a FBO line person or representative present for engine start up.   
  • All pilots will obey Airport federal and state rules and regulations.  
  • Photographs and/or video taken during the fly-in event may be used by City of Steamboat Springs for:  promotion, marketing, revenue generation, personal use, business use, public display, or any other legally permitted use.
  • These rules may be changed or modified at any time due to unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the Airport Manager.
  • Pets are discouraged due to aircraft operations and noise.  All dogs must be on a leash.
  • Please keep an especially close eye on your children.
  • Have a good time, enjoy yourself, and be SAFE!!  

Click HERE for a pdf version of the official rules from the Airport Manager.