Animal Outreach

We never stop learning and Animal Control Officers are happy to share their extensive knowledge, skills and tips with schools, non-profit organizations and community groups.  

With flexible sessions and hands-on demonstrations, officers can specifically tailor outreach programs to the individual group/organization. Sessions include interactive demonstrations, group participation, question & answer and  educational hand-outs. 

Whether your group is just a handful of people or an entire pack, like the Girl Scouts and after school groups, the city's Animal Control Officers will ensure you are more informed when it comes to safety around animals in our community.

Program Topics:

  • Officer/Public Safety
  • Dog Behavior
  • Your Behavior Around Dogs
  • How To Safely Approach A Dog
  • What To Do If Approached By A Strange Dog
  • Respecting Dogs
  • Bite Prevention
  • Animal Safety
ACO School Group

Arrange A Visit

Contact Animal Control at 970-879-4344 to schedule a visit or group outreach session.  Animal Control is located in the Combined Law Enforcement Facility at 2027 Shield Drive.