ADA Paratransit - Access The Boat

SST Ford Van front


The paratransit vehicle coincides with the overall rebranding of SST’s paratransit service to AccessTheBoat. The name acknowledges the focus of paratransit service that promotes accessibility to transportation within the SST service area. With more than 710 passenger trips in 2022, the program continues to prove popular and is a dynamic component to an active passenger segment SST serves.

The City of Steamboat Springs offers paratransit transportation service at no cost to those who are unable to independently use SST bus service, or other fixed route service due to a disability or health related condition some, or all of the time. This service is provided as part of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Your Ride

Purchased with the assistance of a Federal Transit Administration’s 5311 Formula Grant for Rural Areas, the new Ford van has a smaller footprint than the previous paratransit vehicle it replaces. Both the hydraulic lift and passenger entry are accessed via the sliding passenger door, improving boarding for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers.

Seating is available for up to six passengers and an innovative floor design allows for unlimited securement combinations that accommodate a multitude of mobility devices from large battery-powered wheelchairs to the lightweight, wide-based sport chairs that have become popular in Steamboat Springs’ active community. Equipped with 4-wheel drive, this van is set up to handle all seasons and every condition.

SST For Van Side
SST Ford Van Side 2

Curb-to-curb service for ADA Paratransit eligible passengers is available through SST. Complete the application (PDF) and return to the SST office (1463 13th Street).

Please make sure you read the entire application and sign the last page of the document that includes details of changes to Paratransit service (effective February 1, 2017) in order to meet the ADA Best Practices. SST determines eligibility for this service.