Vacation Rental Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Downtown Steamboat Springs

With the proliferation of vacation ownership and nightly rentals, City Council is interested in understanding the topic more in depth and how this matter is or is not impacting the community as it pertains to long-term rental housing, neighborhood character, sales & lodging tax collection, safety and enforcement.  


To review issues and impacts of non-hotel lodging uses (VHR, vacation rental, B&B) and provide recommendations for City Council discussion/consideration. 


City Council Heather Sloop
Kathi Meyer
Planning Commission Tom Ptach
George Eck III
Realtors Dave Hartley
Suzie Spiro
Property Management Robin Craigen
Stacy Trosch-Most
At-Large Stephen Jones
Rob Rusher
Emily Katzman
Staff Planning & Community Development


December 19, 2019  
January 16, 2019 Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2019 Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2019 Meeting Minutes


Review of the following broad categories:

  1. determine whether there is a problem that needs solving;
  2. evaluate options and potential solutions to identified problems; and 
  3. provide recommendations to City Council for further discussion.

Areas of Consideration:

  • Long-Term Rental Housing
  • Neighborhood Character
  • Sales & Lodging Tax Collection
  • Safety
  • Enforcement


Committee Selection

Committee Meeting (2x per month)

Recommendations to City Council