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NOTE: This page is in the process of being updated. Please call the Planning Department at (970) 871-8258 with any questions.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2021 (PDF)

Submittal Requirements

Pre-submittal Meetings are required prior to submittal of most development applications. A pre-submittal meeting may be completed in person, over the phone or via email depending on project complexity. Please contact the Planning Department at 970-871-8258 for your pre-submittal meeting. 


        Major Adjustment (PDF)

        Major Adjustment - Signs (PDF)

        Minor Adjustment (PDF)

        Minor Adjustment - Signs (PDF)

    Annexation (PDF)

    Appeal of Decision (PDF)

    CDC Text Amendment (PDF)

    Civil Construction Plans (PDF)

        Civil Construction Plans Addendum With Public Infrastructure (PDF)

        Civil Construction Plans Addendum Without Public Infrastructure (PDF)

        Civil Construction Plans With Public Infrastructure (PDF)

        Civil Construction Plans Without Public Infrastructure (PDF)

    Community Plan Amendment (PDF)

    Concept Review (PDF)

    Conceptual Development Plan (PDF)

        Conceptual Development Plan & Conditional Use (PDF)

        Conceptual Development Plan & Conditional Use & Major Variance (PDF)

        Conceptual Development Plan & Major Variance (PDF)

        Variance Narrative Template (.DOCX)

    Conditional Use (PDF)

    Development Plan

        Development Plan - Administrative (PDF)

        Development Plan - Administrative & Minor Variance (PDF)

        Development Plan - Minor Modification (PDF)

        Development Plan - Public Hearing (PDF)

        Development Plan - Public Hearing & Conditional Use & Major Variance (PDF)

        Development Plan - Public Hearing & Conditional Use (PDF)

        Development Plan - Public Hearing & Major Variance (PDF)

        Variance Narrative Template (.DOCX)

        Fire Flow Worksheet (PDF)

    Easement Vacation (PDF)

        Easement Vacation and Verification Utility Sign Off (PDF)

    Engineering Variance (PDF)

    Extraterritorial Subdivision Plat (PDF)

    Final Plat 

        Final Plat - Condo/Townhome (PDF) 

        Final Plat - Major Subdivision (PDF)

        Final Plat - Minor Subdivision (PDF) 

        Final Plat - Minor Subdivision & Minor Variance (PDF) 

        Final Plat - Replat (PDF) 

        Variance Narrative Template (.DOCX)

        Plat Statements & Certifications (.DOCX)

        Subdivision Naming Conventions Guide (PDF)

    Floodplain Development 

        Floodplain Development Permit (PDF)

        Elevation Certificate (PDF)

        No Rise Certification (PDF)

        Non-Residential Floodproofing Certificate (PDF)

    Historic Preservation Review (PDF)

    Historic Register Designation (PDF)

    Improvements Agreement (PDF)

        Standard Cost Estimate Template (.XLSX)

        Letter of Credit Template

Limited Use Permit (PDF)    

Legal Nonconforming Registration

Nonconforming Registration (PDF)

        Nonconforming Property Information Sheet (.DOCX)

STR Legal Nonconforming Registration (PDF)

   Affidavit STR Legal Nonconforming Registration (PDF)

 Planned Unit Development (PDF)

 Preconsultation (PDF)

 Preliminary Plat (PDF)

        Preliminary Plat (PDF) 

        Preliminary Plat & Major Variance (PDF) 

        Right-of-Way Vacation (PDF) 

        Right-of-Way Vacation & Preliminary Plat (PDF) 

        Variance Narrative Template (.DOCX)

        Plat Statements & Certifications (.DOCX)

        Subdivision Naming Conventions Guide (PDF)

    Sign Plan (PDF)

    Substantial Conformance (PDF)

    TND Regulating Plan (PDF)

    Urban Growth Boundary Amendment (PDF)

    Vacation Home Rental Permit (PDF)

    Vesting Extension (PDF)

    Waiver of Replat (PDF)

    Written Interpretation (PDF)

    Zone Map Amendment (PDF)

    Zoning Verification (PDF)

Public Notice Documents

Sign Public Notice Affidavit (PDF)

Mailing Public Notice Affidavit (PDF)

Mineral Public Notice Affidavit (PDF)

Mineral Right Notice Requirements (PDF)

Mineral Right Notice Template (.DOCX)

Informational Documents


Appeal (PDF)

Call Up (PDF)

Administrative Process Flowchart (PDF)

Board of Adjustment Process Flowchart (PDF)

Public Hearing Process Flowchart (PDF)

DRT Policy Document (PDF)


    Coversheet (PDF) 

    Existing Conditions (PDF) 

    Site Plan (PDF) 

    Grading & Drainage Plan (PDF) 

    Landscape Plan (PDF) 

    Architectural Drawings (PDF) 

    Utility Plan (PDF) 

    Lighting Plan (PDF) 

    Reports (PDF)


        Plat Statements & Certifications (.DOCX)

        Subdivision Naming Conventions Guide (PDF)