Development Review

Development Review

One of the Planning Department’s main services is processing development review applications. We believe a quality submittal is the best way to expedite any development review process so this guide is intended to help you understand the process as well as assemble a quality submittal in the most efficient and straightforward way possible.

All development review applications fall into one of three groups: land use, site development or subdivision. Within those three groups, there are administrative and public hearing projects.

  • Administrative projects are approved or denied by the Director of Planning and Community Development.
  • Public hearing projects can be decided by the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission or City Council. 
    • The Board of Adjustment makes decisions for single-family and duplex structures and sign adjustments. 
    • Starting January 2020 the Planning Commission will decide on Conditional Use applications, Conceptual Development Plans without Variances, Development Plans without Variances, and Preliminary Plats without Variances. 
    • For all other public hearing projects that are not heard by the Board of Adjustment, the Planning Commission will provide a recommendation to City Council and City Council will make the final decision.

For an overview of each process please see the Administrative flowchart and the Public Hearing flowchart.

Call Up and Appeal Process

Decisions made by the Director of Planning and Community Development, the Board of Adjustment and the Planning Commission can be Called Up or Appealed to City Council for City Council to reconsider the decision. See information on the Call Up process and the Appeal process or contact the Planning and Community Development department with questions.