Sidewalk Master Plan

Sidewalk Master Plan

The Steamboat Springs Mobility and Circulation Plan (developed in 1997) advocates a multi-modal approach to improving mobility in Steamboat Springs, and states that:

…the…cornerstone…is pedestrian facility improvements. Virtually all trips begin and end as pedestrian trips, and it is the intent of this Plan to encourage and allow more trips to be completed as pedestrian trips in their entirety.

It is with this charge that the Steamboat Springs Sidewalk Master Plan has been developed. It is intended to build on and expand the pedestrian related recommendations of the Mobility and Circulation Plan. The Sidewalk Master Plan is also intended to be used in conjunction with (rather than supersede) other planning documents such as the Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan.

The development of the Sidewalk Master Plan has included a detailed inventory of existing facilities, documented existing maintenance needs, identified missing links throughout the community, and associated cost estimates for implementation. Prioritization criteria have been developed and applied to yield a prioritized list of new sidewalk facilities. The Sidewalk Master Plan has been integrated in to the City’s Geographical Information System (GIS) and is available to all through the city’s website.

The plan development included a public open house and an online survey. Comments and data collected were taken into consideration during the final phase of plan development.

The plan details can be accessed by using the link below: