Multimodal Transportation Engineering

Mobility and Circulation
The ability to move about in the Yampa Valley is one of the most important factors influencing quality of life for residents and visitors of the Steamboat Springs Community. The same geologic forces that shaped the valley and made it such an attractive place to live, work, and recreate have also placed significant limits on the transportation system that serves the community. In many respects Steamboat Springs is a one road town, located where the mountains pinch the valley floor, and a river and railroad squeeze between them. 

Traffic congestion on the existing roadway system, and on US40 in particular, is an important consideration and physical constraints limit the alternatives to address emerging issues. Over the last 30 years, many transportation modifications have focused on providing alternatives to US40 and specific intersection improvements to optimize the function of the existing roadway network. 

Pursuit of a multi-modal approach to providing transportation mobility in the area is and will be a vital directive of community leaders and the city to preserve quality of life, alleviate congestion issues, and avoid costly, if not prohibitive, infrastructure projects.

Current Planning, Design and Construction Efforts

Adopted Plans