The Engineering Division is committed to providing safe and durable infrastructure to the community through efficient and resourceful engineering services.  

Engineering Standards Update

Public Works continues to work on the second phase of the Engineering Standards Manual update. A new Chapter 8 - Construction Stormwater Management Program has just recently been added. Public Works views standards as a living document that requires diligent and periodic review and revision. We encourage any feedback that you may have during this concerted update effort.

Downtown Improvement Plan

The Downtown Improvement Plan has been presented in various iterations for the past 30 years. The current plan has been created using input from business owners, planning groups, consultants and community members to develop a comprehensive list of downtown improvements.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Long-term planning and implementation of multi-modal improvements including sidewalk, bicycle, and transit facilities, access management, and traffic engineering. These efforts include coordination with other agencies such as the Colorado Department of Transportation, Routt County Multi-Modal Group, Northwest Transportation Planning Region, Bike Town USA and Safe Routes to School.

Steamboat Springs Urban Renewal Authority

The Steamboat Springs Urban Renewal Area (URA) was created in 2004, which authorized a tax-increment finance district encompassing the base area of the Steamboat Ski Resort (the Mountain Plan Area).

Stormwater Management

Engineering manages the city's Municipal Stormwater Discharge Permit Program. The Stormwater permit addresses storm water quality with an emphasis on controlling and limiting pollutants to the city's drainage system through Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Engineering Review

Submittals to the city for development are required to comply with city criteria and standards. Submittals include building permits, drainage reports, geohazard reports, construction plans, grading/erosion control plans, and street and storm sewer plans and profiles. Submissions can be made online through the CityView Portal.

Engineering Documents

The Documents Page contains information such as building permit checklists, plans, permits, forms and other documents required from Engineering.

Design and Construction

Engineering is responsible for projects designed and managed with city staff, which includes drainage analysis, project design, preparation of construction drawings and contract documents, project inspection, and construction contract administration. 


The department conducts inspections of all construction projects within the city. Projects include new private development, redevelopment and city funded capital improvement projects. The inspectors also provide the initial contact and response to citizen requests and inquiries relating to flooding, erosion, and infrastructure evaluation.

  • Schedule Right-of-Way Inspection, contact  Scott Slamal at 970.871.8236 
  • Provide your name, site address and building permit number. 
  • Due to snow restricting visibility of site improvements, inspections are not conducted between November 1 and May 1