Public Works

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The streets we drive on, delivery of our drinking water, and drainage into our creeks and river are all managed by Public Works. Public Works has approximately 85 dedicated employees who maintain and protect existing public infrastructure in the City of Steamboat Springs. 

The department reviews proposals for new infrastructure during development, manages various capital projects and handles all snowplowing, sewer collection, waste water treatment, street reconstruction and maintenance.

  1. Jon Snyder

    Public Works Director

  2. Jia Carroll

    Public Works Coordinator



Schedule Inspections Now!

If you anticipate needing a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO), certificate of occupancy (CO) or water and/or sewer service, especially during the winter months, schedule your project so that the grading and drainage improvements and utility installations are complete and inspected before November 1. Don’t get caught by the snow!

  • Right-of-Way Inspection can be scheduled through CityView with your name, site address and building permit number. Inspections are not conducted between November 1 and April 1 due to snow restricting visibility of site improvements.
  • Water and/or Sewer Inspections for single family and duplex homes is through Baseline Engineering at 970.879.1825 or 970.761.0501 until October 31, 2021. After the New Year, contact Public Works Water & Sewer Division at 970.871.8211. No outdoor water and/or sewer work can be performed from November 1 – May 1 without a variance.
  • To apply for a Right of Way Permit go to engineering documents and fill out ROW permit, then submit to applicable division. 
    • In order to protect the city's infrastructure from damage over the winter months, work within the public right-of-way is prohibited from November 1 – May 1. You will need a variance approved by the Public Works Director if you must perform work in the right-of-way during snow season.
  • All construction dumpsters, port-o-johns, material piles, etc. must be out of the right-of-way prior to November 1.
  • To avoid potential citation in the spring make sure that all erosion and sediment control devices are installed and correctly functioning prior to winter. 

Following a few simple guidelines will set projects up for a successful winter season and ensure work completed does not hinder city operations or result in additional costs for homeowners and businesses.