Uphill Access Policy


Howelsen Hill Ski Area Uphill Access Policy

Uphill Access During Operating Hours

Uphill access is permitted at Howelsen Hill. During operating hours, guests who would like uphill access have two options:

  1. Take Lower Hobo Park XC trail up Mile Run and immediately exit the ski area onto Blackmer Trail. 
  2. The preferred alternative is to park at the Blackmer Trail trailhead in the Fairview Neighborhood (instead of the base of Howelsen Hill Ski Area) and avoid any potential conflicts on downhill ski runs. 

Uphill access is not permitted on any other trails during operating hours. 

Dogs are not allowed within the ski area boundary. 

No additional pass is needed for uphill travel.

Uphill Access During Non-Operating Hours

During non-operating hours, uphill access is permitted everywhere in the ski area. 

Uphill Access Rules & Guidelines

During operating and non-operating hours, uphill users:

  • Are prohibited from entering closed terrain at any time. It is the user's responsibility to know what terrain is closed. If a groomer is working on a run, that run is closed and you will need to use an alternative route. 
  • Must stay well away from all groomers, especially winch cat operations. 
  • Should wear reflective gear and have headlamps so they are easily visible and whistles in case the need for assistance arises. 
  • Must leave pets at home. Dogs are not permitted within the ski area boundary.
  • Should be aware that snowmaking and grooming equipment could be encountered at any time, especially during non-operating hours. All snowmaking and grooming areas are closed to the public. 
  • Must adhere to and obey all posted signs as required by the Colorado Ski Safety Act.


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