Butcherknife Creek Improvement Project

Phase II of the Butcherknife Creek Improvement Project started in April, 2020 with the work zone along 7th Street between Oak and Yampa Streets in the old town district in Steamboat Springs.

7th Street will be closed from Oak Street to Lincoln Avenue and between Lincoln Avenue and Yampa Street; intermittently through October. The intersections at 7th & Oak, 7th & Yampa and 7th & Lincoln will remain open. Parking on 7th Street between these blocks will not be available during closures.

The project includes construction of a concrete box culvert that will carry Butcherknife Creek, relocation of existing utilities, drainage improvements and sidewalks. The city will also install a mechanized stormwater treatment device at this site and a new, year-round, public restroom adjacent to Eagle Scout Park and the parking lot at the intersection of 7th Street and Yampa Street.

Proposed Rodeo Grounds Parking Lot