Watering Schedule

Watering Schedule

WateringUnder a new watering schedule launched in spring 2020, customers within the city limits can outdoor water three days per week. Historically, these restrictions were implemented during drought conditions, but now are the norm. Currently, around 30% of the community’s treated water supplies is applied outdoors to lawns and gardens.

Potable water can be used for outdoor landscaping permit watering between 6pm and 10am, and watering days are based on the last number (even or odd) of a customer’s address.  

Watering Schedule


Landscape companies, property managers, and individual customers must set sprinkler systems to comply with this schedule.

Hand and water


Exceptions to this watering schedule for city customers include the following:

  • Outdoor watering by drip irrigation, or by hand using only a watering can or a hose with a shut-off nozzle. Drip systems include: mini sprays, maxi sprays, flower sprays, spot watering emitters, etc
  • Outdoor watering of public school property (including, but not limited to, public school athletic fields).
  • Outdoor watering within public parks.
  • Outdoor watering for other City of Steamboat Springs approved management purposes.
  • Permits may be secured for watering newly-sodded lawns and newly-planted trees for up to 14 consecutive days and for newly-seeded lawns for up to 25 consecutive days with the exception of Wednesdays.

 Information on exceptions for Mount Werner Water customers can be found HERE.

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