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Fire Services
Our Mission
Our mission is to serve the City of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding community by reducing human suffering and property loss, protecting the environment, and promoting life safety through incident response, public education, and fire prevention programs.


SSFR delivers service to the City of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area which falls under the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District. For additional information on the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District please visit their website.

SSFR Newsletter
Find out what the Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue is up to by reading our Semi-Annual Report.

Public Service Announcements

The open burn season for the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District runs from November 1st - April 15.

The following parameters must be met prior to any open burn

  1. Obtain a permit issued by Routt County Department of Environmental Health (970) 870-5588.
  2. Burn piles must be less than 10'x10'x10' and be devoid of any trash or materials more suited for the landfill.
  3. There must be 6" or more snow on the ground at the burn site.
  4. Burning must be started prior to 11:00am, monitored at all times and be out by sunset.
  5. Call Routt County Communication's prior to starting the burn (970) 879-1110.
The burn season only applies to the SSFR District. Contact other fire districts to obtain their requirements for open burning.

- With day light saving, the Fire Department would like to remind everyone to change the batteries in your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms.

- It is a good idea to have your gas fired furnaces/boilers inspected to ensure safe and efficient operations as we head into winter; and if you have wood burning devises, this is a good time to clean the chimney.

- For residents in the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District, if you have wood and slash piles to burn...the burn season is November 1st until April 15th. There MUST be a minimum of 6 inches of snow covering the ground at the burn area. During the burn season, a permit is still required from Environmental Health, they can be reached at (970) 870-5588. Also, please notify Routt County Communications (dispatch) at (970) 879-1110 when you start your burn.

Chief Mel Stewart

Mel Stewart

Fire Chief

P.O. Box 775088
2600 Pine Grove Rd.
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Ph: (970) 879-7170
Fx: (970) 870-8030

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