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Community Development Code Reorganization & Update
Project Goals
  1. Organize regulations in a more straightforward, efficient, and intuitive manner.
  2. Eliminate lengthy, repetitive text and condense standards into a shorter, more graphic format while ensuring the Code is legally sound, easy to use, and practical to enforce.
  3. Resolve conflicts, inconsistencies, and gaps within the Code.
  4. Codify design guidelines and standards that were adopted as separate documents.
  5. Provide easy access to the Code, both in hard copy and electronically.

Project Description

View Drafts
The following documents are working drafts; they are not final. The Planning and Community Development Department welcomes public comment on the draft Code. Please submit questions and comments to Rebecca Bessey at

Article 1 Purpose and Administration - Draft 6.21.2017

Article 2 Zone Districts and Standards - Draft 5.07.2017

Article 3 Use Classification and Standards - Draft 6.22.2017 updated

Article 6 Subdivision Standards - Draft 6.23.2017 updated

Article 8 Rules and Definitions - Draft 6.23.2017 updated