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The various programs of the Street Division are:
Traffic Control
  • Install and maintain all public traffic signs.
    • Blue street signs signify streets accepted for maintenance by the City. Brown street signs signify streets that are privately owned and maintained by private enterprise.
    • Traffic signals on Lincoln Avenue and U.S. Highway 40 are repaired and maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The City maintains traffic signals at Pine Grove Road, Mt. Werner and Central Park Drive.
  • Maintain driving lanes on City rights-of-way
    • Lane striping on Lincoln Avenue and U.S. Highway 40 is maintained by CDOT.
    • The City of Steamboat Springs contracts to have the other streets striped.
Street Sweeping
  • Meet and maintain State Air Quality standards through street sweeping. Street sweeping is conducted on an “as needed” basis throughout the year in downtown and mountain areas of the City. This has been successful in maintaining the air quality standards set forth by the State of Colorado.
  • The Street Division provides "Scoria Clean-Up", a free scoria pickup service during the month of April. Residents may rake scoria from their yards onto the street shoulder for pick up.
Drainage/Right-of-Way (R.O.W.) Maintenance
  • Maintain culverts, ditches and drainage in City rights-of-way
    • The Street Division repairs and maintains the culverts, ditches, etc. that are in public rights-of-way. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of culverts under their driveways, even if they traverse a city right-of-way.
  • Maintain the integrity of City streets
    • Private contractors, homeowners, etc. who perform any excavation in the City’s right-of-way are required to obtain a permit from the Street Division of Public Works before the commencement of the excavation.
    • The City contracts a street-paving program each summer in order to protect street integrity and improve damaged areas. A list of streets to be improved is published before construction begins.
    • The Street Division fills potholes that have developed over the winter months.
  • If you are interested in adopting a City Street (Collector Streets Only). You will need to do the following:
    • Fill Out a Collector Streets Adoption Agreement
      • If application is approved, then the written agreement shall be executed with the City.
      • The participating group members shall abide by all rules and safety requirements of the program.  (See Adopt-A-Street Program Policies)
      • The application period is for two years and two scheduled pickups a year, preferably.
    • Review the Adopt-A-Street Program Policies
    • Review the "Spruce Up Colorado Volunteer Safety Video" located on the CDOT website
    • The group will notify the City of Steamboat Springs City Shop (879-1807) within 48 hours prior to your scheduled trash pickup and/or picking up the orange trash bags and safety vests.
Winter Maintenance
  • Provide snow maintenance and removal services
    • Winter maintenance/snow removal is one of the most important functions of the Street Division. Street personnel are dedicated to the task of clearing 76 miles of streets, 6 miles of alleyways, 39 parking lots, and 105 cul-de-sacs of snow during the winter months.
    • The Colorado Department of Highways (CDOT) plows snow from the 5 miles of State Highway 40 (Lincoln Avenue) going through town.
    • The Street Division also removes snow banks from Lincoln Avenue and connecting side streets on a periodic basis.