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Utilities - Water and Sewer
The citizens of Steamboat Springs rely on the City Utilities Division to provide safe and reliable water and sewer services. Although our Finance Department actually bills you for water and sewer service, the Utilities Division of Public Works provides the service and maintenance. There are two systems that the Division maintains:

Water Distribution - The distribution personnel are responsible for the water mains, fire hydrants, and valves that provide fire protection and potable water to your home or business.

Sewer Collection- The collection system includes hundreds of manholes and of sanitary sewer lines, which carry the City's waste out to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Utilities Division is Responsible For:

Inspections - The Utilities Division performs all inspections of water and sewer lines and meter assemblies. Inspections must be scheduled through the Utilities Engineer at (970) 871-8211. All inspections require a 24-hour notice. Meter inspections should be scheduled through the Meter Technician at (970) 871-2750.

Plant Investment Fees (PIFs) - Also known as Tap Fees, PIFs must be paid prior to building permit approval. In order to have your PIF calculated, call (970) 871-8211 for an appointment, or see our Plant Investment Fee Calculation Form.

- The Utilities Division performs water and sewer main line taps within the City District. To schedule a tap, please call (970) 871-6303. The utility contractor must be present at the time of the tap.

Meter Replacement / Reading - You must purchase your water meter from the City of Steamboat Springs. This is typically done at the time plant investment fees are paid. Please call the Meter Technician at (970) 871-2750 to pick up the meter. All meter repairs are also handled by the Meter Tech.

Utility Locates - Please call (970) 871-6303 for water and sewer line locates. Your locate will be scheduled.

Engineering Review / Development Review - The Utilities Division reviews Development Applications for projects within the City’s District. All development applications are routed by the City Planning Department.

Construction Plan Review - A minimum of three weeks is required for review of each plan submittal. Several plan submittals may be required in order to achieve acceptable construction plans. Utility construction cannot begin prior to construction plan approval.

Record Document Review - A blue line copy of the as-builts is submitted to the Utilities Division for review. A mylar of the as-builts is submitted after all identified corrections are made from review of the blue line.

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Michelle Carr

P.O. Box 775088
137 10th St.
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Ph: (970) 871-8204

Monday – Thursday
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
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Carrie Mansfield
Utility Billing Clerk

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